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Spy x Family: Vol. 9 (Volume 9) | Paperback
Spy x Family: Vol. 9 (Volume 9) | Paperback
Spy x Family: Vol. 9 (Volume 9) | Paperback
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A Spy, An Assassin And A Telepath!

Prepare for another rollercoaster of action, humor, and espionage in "Spy x Family: Vol. 9." This thrilling volume of the hit manga series continues to follow the escapades of a most unconventional family—a master spy, an assassin, and a telepath—bound together by secrets and missions.

Meet Twilight, the master spy with unparalleled skills in undercover operations. He's used to navigating the treacherous world of espionage for the greater good. But now, he's faced with his most challenging mission yet—getting married and starting a family. It's a mission that might push even his spy skills to the limit.

As the story unfolds, Yor, the assassin, finds herself on assignment aboard a luxurious cruiser. Little does she know, she's up against a formidable gang of assassins who threaten the safety of everyone on board. The stakes are higher than ever, and Yor must use her lethal skills to protect herself and complete her mission.

Meanwhile, Loid, Twilight's alter ego, and Anya, their telepathic daughter, make shocking discoveries. The luxury cruiser they're on holds a dark secret—bombs have been planted throughout the ship, and time is running out. Can this unusual family pool their talents and resources to save the vessel from disaster?

In "Spy x Family: Vol. 9," secrets, espionage, and heart-pounding action continue to entwine as this extraordinary family faces their most perilous challenges yet. Join them on their mission-filled journey where danger and laughter go hand in hand.

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