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Each and every product we carry at Showcase must pass the strict guidelines and tough testing standards of the Showcase Institute. If any facet of any product fails - regardless of how minor the detail appears to be - it is not approved by the Showcase Institute and therefore, never hits our shelves. For every 10 products we test, only 1 product makes it through to our stores or our website.

How are products tested at the Showcase Institute? There are 3 testing phases the each item undergoes and that each item must pass:

1) The "20" Test:

This is where the product is tested 20 consecutive times as it is intended to be used : For example, if a remote-control helicopter claims to be durable and can run into walls and keep flying, the Showcase Institute flies the helicopter, running it into walls repeatedly, for 20 separate flights.

2) The "Accident" Test:

Items can be accidentally dropped, stepped on, pushed, pulled and who knows what else. But, even though something accidentally has something happen to it, it should still work properly for you. The Showcase Institute takes each item and predicts what could happen to it, and then puts those predictions to the test. This lets us determine how an item will react to the real-world oops that it could possibly encounter.

3) The "Extreme Test:

In this test, the Showcase Institute takes the specific design elements of each product and tests them to the limit. If an item can withstand being dropped from 15 feet, then we'll try it at 30 feet. Because products may be used in extreme situations, the Showcase Institute ensures that each item Showcase carries will work for you, even when the conditions are out of the ordinary.