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Protect Your Purchases With Peace Of Mind!

At Showcase, we strive to make your purchase as worry free as possibly with our strict product testing and quality guarantee. However, as we can all relate, no one can be protected from life's little surprises. That's why we've recently added our famous Extended Service Plan to select online purchases. To ensure that no matter what, you're covered!

What's Covered?

Manufacturer warranties cover defects in workmanship or materials. At Showcase, we offer a better option with an ESP that also covers real life problems like power surges for example. With most warranties you're only covered for generally a short amount of time, but with our ESP your protected up to 3 years!

How Many Times Can I Use My Extended Service Plan?

Your service plan is part of your original product and can be used for repairs and unlimited number of times. If your product requires replacement, we will replace the original product once. A replacement consumes the service plan and cannot be used again. You may opt to re-purchase a service plan on the replacement item which will give you the same great coverage for up to 3 years from the replacement date.

What If It Can't Be Repaired Or Replaced?

If we are unable to repair it within 2 weeks, we will replace your purchase with a fully functioning one. And if the product is no longer available, we will credit the full amount of the product price for you towards another purchase. Note that the Service Plan cost itself is not refundable.

How Do I Purchase An ESP Online?

The Extended Online Service Plan is currently only available for select products, with the amount of offered products increasing daily. If an ESP is available for an item that you have chosen, it will automatically be offered to you at the checkout, with the option to add to your cart. *The corresponding ESP must be purchased at the same time as the item being protected.  Both should appear on the same invoice.

How Do I Redeem My ESP If Needed?

All products at Showcase come with a standard 30 day exchange against manufacturing defects. If your item falls within this period, then your ESP will remain unaffected and continue as normal. Any defects past the original 30 days are only covered by having an ESP on the invoice for that item. Please check the receipt from your order with us to verify this.

If you need to use your ESP to replace a defective item, please email customer service so that you can be promptly taken care of. All we require is your name and order number, so be sure to keep a copy of your receipt if you've purchased an ESP with us.

Can I Use My Online ESP At A Showcase Store?

At this time, the Extended Online Service Plan is NOT valid for items purchased in store and vice-versa.

**ESP excludes normal wear and tear, misuse and consumable parts. Products replaced within 30 days of purchase do not affect the ESP.