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One Piece Japanese Trading Cards EB-01 Memorial Collection - Single Pack
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The Memorial Collection pack of the One Piece trading card game wows with a variety of new cards based on the characters, locations and events of the Romance Dawn saga. Each card is decorated with stunning artwork that beautifully brings the characters and scenes from the series to life. When looking at these works of art, the players literally immerse themselves in the fascinating world of One Piece.

Discover Iconic Moments: Immerse yourself in the legendary world of One Piece with our Memorial Collections card set. Relive iconic moments from the series through stunning artwork that captures the essence of the Grand Line's adventures.

Collect a Piece of History: Elevate your collection with these limited edition cards that pay homage to the beloved series. Reaveal a piece of One Piece history with each pack, featuring characters, battles, and landscapes that defined the anime and manga.

Limited Edition Release: This isn't just a regular set; it's a limited edition voyage. Capture the spirit of One Piece before it's gone. Once these cards are released, your journey into the world of pirates will never be the same.

Hoist the Anchor with One Piece Memorial Collections: Elevate your One Piece journey with the Memorial Collections Card Set, available exclusively at Showcase – Home of the Hottest Trends. Don't miss your chance to capture the spirit and become a legendary pirate! x (6) cards per pack

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