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Pokémon: TCG Japan | Wild Force Booster (Pack of 5)
Pokémon: TCG Japan | Wild Force Booster (Pack of 5)
Pokémon: TCG Japan | Wild Force Booster (Pack of 5)
Pokémon: TCG Japan | Wild Force Booster (Pack of 5)
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Catch Them All!

Calling all Gen Z trainers and Pokemon enthusiasts! Brace yourself for an adventure like no other with our exclusive Pokemon Booster Japanese Cards – the key to unlocking the magic of the Pokemon universe!

Unleash Rare Pokemon: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pokemon with our Booster Japanese Cards. Discover rare and powerful Pokemon with captivating Japanese artwork that brings the spirit of the Pokemon universe to life.

Authentic Japanese Edition: Elevate your collection with the authenticity of the Japanese edition. Immerse yourself in the original design and experience the thrill of exploring uncharted territories in the Pokemon realm.

Collect, Trade, Battle: Whether you're a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokemon journey, these cards are your ticket to excitement. Collect rare cards, trade with friends, and engage in epic battles to prove your skills. The Booster Japanese Cards offer a new level of strategy to your Pokemon adventures.

Uncover the Mystery: The Pokemon Booster Japanese Cards are not just cards; they are gateways to a world of mystery and excitement. Stay ahead of the game and showcase your prowess as a Pokemon trainer.

Limited Edition Release: This isn't just a booster set; it's a limited edition experience. Capture the magic of Pokemon before it's gone. Once these cards are released, your Pokemon journey will never be the same.

Catch 'Em All with Pokemon Booster Japanese Cards: Elevate your Pokemon journey with the Booster Japanese Cards, available exclusively at Showcase – Home of the Hottest Trends. Don't miss your chance to capture the magic and become a Pokemon legend!

The Pokémon TCG— Japanese GO Booster Pack includes:
  • Includes (1) Pack of (5) Cards
  • Cards are in Japanese 
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