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The World's Smallest Collection: World's Smallest Blind Box Series 6
The World's Smallest Collection: World's Smallest Blind Box Series 6
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Embrace the Element of Surprise!

Get ready for a journey of discovery with the World's Smallest Blind Box Series 6. Each box holds a secret classic mini collectible toy from the renowned World’s Smallest collection. The anticipation of uncovering what's hidden inside makes each box an exciting adventure in itself.

The surprises within the Blind Box S6 range from beloved classics to iconic favorites. You might unwrap the charming Good Luck Trolls in assorted styles, the enchanting Candyland, the timeless Slinky Original, or even the iconic Hot Wheels in assorted styles. The assortment also includes renowned names like Radio Flyer, Barbie in assorted styles, Uno, and Fisher-Price Corn Popper. Tech Deck in assorted styles and Care Bears in assorted styles add to the delight. To keep the anticipation high, there's even a Mystery Item that adds an extra layer of excitement!

Open the door to a world of miniature wonders with the World's Smallest Blind Box S6. The variety, surprise, and charm of each collectible toy make this blind box a delightful addition to your collection. Every box offers a chance to revisit your favorite classics in a whole new way, making it a must-have for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone who loves the thrill of a surprise!


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