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Adopt Me!: Surprise Plush Pets Series 1 | Ships Assorted
Adopt Me!: Surprise Plush Pets Series 1 | Ships Assorted
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Your Adventure Awaits!

Introducing the enchanting world of Adopt Me! Series 1 Surprise Plush Pets - your gateway to collecting and cherishing the adorable virtual pets from the #1 online game, Adopt Me! Unwrap the mystery and reveal a cuddly companion that's ready to bring joy to your world.

Unveil the Magic of Adoption:
Bring the magic of the Adopt Me! universe to life with our Series 1 Surprise Plush Pets. These collectible plush toys encapsulate the excitement and anticipation of adopting your very own virtual pet. Each plush is based on the coveted eggs from the game, hinting at the pet that lies within. Gently unwrap the egg and let the adventure unfold as you unveil your new cuddly friend!

An Experience Beyond Plush:
Our Adopt Me! Series 1 Surprise Egg Plush Pets offer more than just a delightful stuffed animal. Each plush comes with a secret code that opens up a world of surprises within the game. Discover exclusive in-game items and enhancements that will elevate your Adopt Me! experience.

Collect, Cuddle, and Display:
With a range of mini plush pets that vary in rarity from common to legendary, there's a perfect plush waiting for everyone. These 12cm collectible plush toys aren't just for display; they're perfect for hugging, cuddling, and bringing the magic of Adopt Me! into your physical space.




  • Contents: 1x Adopt Me! 12cm Little Plush - Surprise Plush Pets Assortment, 1x collector's guide, 1x Adopt Me Egg, and 1x virtual item code
  • Dimensions: 12H cm
  • Batteries required: 3x AAA (included)
  • Each egg is poised to hatch and reveal a delightful Adopt Me pet!
  • Redeem your Adopt Me UGC virtual item code and unlock exclusive in-game surprises
  • Series 1 showcases a stunning collection of 12 plush pets, each available separately
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