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Mr. Beast: Dehydrated GelFire Rounds (15K pc)
Mr. Beast: Dehydrated GelFire Rounds (15K pc)
Mr. Beast: Dehydrated GelFire Rounds (15K pc)
Mr. Beast: Dehydrated GelFire Rounds (15K pc)
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The Ultimate Ammo Refill Pack For Nerf Pro Gelfire Battles!

This refill pack is designed for kids, teens, and adults who own a Mr. Beast Nerf Pro Gun and are looking to stock up for epic outdoor skirmishes. With 15,000 dehydrated GelFire rounds, you'll have more than enough ammo to dominate the battlefield and leave your opponents in awe.

  • Includes 15,000 Nerf Pro GelFire dehydrated rounds: Simply add water to grow the rounds and load them into your Nerf Pro Gelfire blasters (blasters sold separately)
  • Burst into battle: Soft super absorbent polymer projectiles burst on impact, providing a thrilling and intense outdoor gaming experience for players aged 14 and up
  • Stock up for battle: Stay prepared and never run out of ammo in the heat of the game. This refill pack ensures you have plenty of rounds to flood the battlefield
  • Great gift for Nerf Pro Gelfire battlers: The perfect present to keep everyone stocked and ready for action-packed GelFire battles
  • Compatible with Nerf Pro Gelfire blasters: Designed for use with the high-performance Nerf Pro Gelfire blaster lineup (each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • 48 Billion views on Tiktok!

Upgrade your arsenal and take your Nerf Pro Gelfire battles to the next level with Mr. Beast: Dehydrated GelFire Rounds (15K pc). Stock up, suit up, and prepare for the ultimate outdoor combat experience!

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