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SoundLogicXT: Power House Party Rocker Karaoke BT Speaker Set
SoundLogicXT: Power House Party Rocker Karaoke BT Speaker Set
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Get The Party Started

  • 2 x 6.5” speakers
  • Dual mic inputs
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 4 hours playing time
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Approximately 2 feet tall
  • Vertical or horizontal positioning
  • Colorful LED reactive lights built right in
  • Lasts longer than other portable speakers
  • Secure integrated handles for easy transport
  • Perfect for cottage weekends & backyard BBQs
  • Ideal for kids’ dance parties and karaoke parties
  • Makes a fantastic gift for your music-loving friend
  • 10 watts from each speaker
  • Measures 21" x 8.5" x 7.5" (53cm x 22cm x 19cm)

Fun, Freedom & Better Beats

When was the last time music filled your house? How often do you throw on some beats just to boost your mood? Do you and your family and friends love to dance? How about a spontaneous music n’ dance party whenever you feel like it?

Music brings us to life and helps us celebrate the good times. But let’s face it––your mobile phone’s tinny speaker just can’t produce the bass and beat like a proper sound system. And those pocket-sized BT speakers? They’re great for the shower, but they don’t exactly fill the room with your favorite tunes. But good-quality sound systems aren’t in the budget for most people, especially this year.

Your Favourite Tunes Never Sounded So Great

SoundLogicXT Party Rocker BT Speaker is like an entire sound system in one portable, dual-speaker box. It looks and functions just like one of those enormous dance-club speakers, but it’s wireless and sized for easy transport. Make no mistake though––“easy transport”––makes no sacrifice to sound. Dual speakers pump out clear, clean sound with a bass tone that immediately produces a better mood and creative dance moves––it’s impossible to sit still when good beats are on!

With four hours of playing time (that’s nearly twice what most portable speakers put out!), you and your friends can relax and enjoy the good times without interruption. And no dance party is complete without the right lighting, so we built it right in! Colorful LED lights are reactive to offer an ecstatic experience. Turn off the overhead lights and enjoy a light show that syncs up with the tunes and bounces to the beat. Or better yet––for your farewell-to-summer soirée, stand it up on your back patio for a dance party under the stars.

A Singing Machine Too

Love to sing? SoundLogicXT Party Rocker BT Speaker doubles as a karaoke speaker too! With dual mic inputs and extended playing time, you can have that karaoke party that you and your friends have been talking about. You’ll have hours of fun wailing out your favorite old tunes, singing duets with friends, and laughing at each others’ attempts to be a rock star. The kids will love it too! SoundLogicXT Party Rocker BT Speaker makes children’s birthday parties a hit at any age, and it will keep them entertained and active for hours!

Where The Good Times Are At

SoundLogicXT Party Rocker BT Speaker is nearly 2-feet high and has both vertical and horizontal positioning. It looks and sounds just like a real party speaker. Stand it up or lie it down on a table or the floor of your living room, outdoor deck, next to our hot tub or pool, in your basement recreation room, at the cottage, or anywhere you want to boost the energy with music and sound! With a 33-foot Bluetooth range, you can switch up the sound from well across the room, backyard, or basement garage.

Easy Wireless Operation

No messing with wires or complicated operating procedures. The SoundLogicXT Party Rocker BT Speaker is simple and straightforward to connect and use anytime you want.

  1. Fully charge the speaker to get 4 full hours of playtime
  2. Connect one or two microphones, OR:
  3. Pair the speaker with your mobile device & connect.
  4. Select your music.
  5. Dance and sing the night away.

Includes 1 SoundLogicXT Party Rocker BT Speaker.

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