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Store Selling Trending Goods to Open in Three Baltimore-Area Malls

A retailer that specializes in trending items -- from toys and candy to health and beauty goods -- will open in three Baltimore-area malls this month. Read more here.

02 September 2022

Video Interview: Canadian Retailer ‘Showcase’ Continues Rapid US Expansion

Samir Kulkarni, CEO, Showcase, discusses the retailer’s rapid expansion plans in the US. Watch the interview here.

01 September 2022

Showcase Targets New Hampshire For Growth

A Canadian specialty retailer and product developer is turning its aggressive U.S. expansion plans to the Granite State. Read more here.

16 August 2022

Retailer Showcasing the Latest Trends Opens Store in Lancaster

A Canadian retailer, Showcase, that calls itself “home of the hottest trends” has opened at the Park City Center in Lancaster. Read more here.

08 August 2022

Retailer Showcasing The Latest Trends Opens Third Store in PA

A Canadian retailer, Showcase, that calls itself “home of the hottest trends” has opened at the Park City Center in Lancaster. Read more here.

08 August 2022

Winners of Retail Council of Canada's Excellence in Retailing Awards

Toronto-based variety retailer Showcase recently launched streaming shopping and other innovations that saw it win an award. Read more here.

13 July 2022

The Playground Podcast

Showcase comes to the US, a conversation with CEO Samir Kulkarni. Listen here.

17 June 2022

Global News Radio - Mornings with Sue & Andy

Showcase has all of the hottest gifts for Father's Day. Listen here.

17 June 2022

An Interview with Showcase CEO Samir Kulkarni

Canadian Retailer, Showcase, is opening 27 U.S. stores this summer. Read more here.

15 June 2022

Canada Now - Jeff Sammut with Danny Boome

Showcase has all of your gift trends for Father's Day. Listen here. 

13 June 2022

32 Weird Father's Day Gifts

Showcase is the only store where you can find Snactiv, the multitasking snacking tool. Read more here.

04 June 2022

Retailer Knows To Target The Trends

Showcase, the ‘home of the hottest trends’, is opening a new store in Natick. Read more here.

24 May 2022

Showcase Invests in Largest US Expansion Plan in History

Showcase, recognized as “Home of the Latest Trends” and Newly Named One of Canada The Best Managed Companies for the second consecutive year, today announced important expansion plans in the United States. Read more here.

18 May 2022

TikTok retailer Showcase expanding to Natick Mall

Showcase, a Canadian retail company specializing in selling products seen frequently on TikTok or television shows, is coming to Natick as part of a major U.S. expansion. Read more here. 

18 May 2022

Cityline with Shoana Jensen - Big Boss XHose Pro 100ft

Three outdoor cleaning products that will make your life easier! See more here.

17 May 2022

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