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Bluey 8-inch Plushies | Ships Assorted
Bluey 8-inch Plushies | Ships Assorted
Bluey 8-inch Plushies | Ships Assorted
Bluey 8-inch Plushies | Ships Assorted
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Bring Home the Fun with Bluey Plush Toys!

Dive into the imaginative and heartwarming world of Bluey with our exclusive collection of Bluey plush toys. These delightful 8-inch plushies are perfect for fans of all ages, bringing the beloved characters from the hit show into your home. Each Bluey plush is crafted from high-quality, super-soft fabrics and features detailed embroidery, making them perfect for cuddling during playtime or storytime. The assortment includes all your favorite characters: Bluey, Bingo, Muffin's baby sister Socks, Bingo's best friend Lila, Baby Bluey, and Chef Bingo. With their perfect size and soft texture, these Bluey plush toys are ready to join your child's adventures and help recreate the most memorable moments from the show.

Don't miss out on these adorable Bluey plush toys! Buy now, order online, and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered straight to your door. Find the Bluey plush toys at any of 150 stores near you, a shop near you, or a mall near you. These charming collectibles are in-stock and ready to bring joy to your household. Visit your local store today and start your collection!

Key Features:

  • Authentic Design: Each plush toy is designed with deluxe fabrics and high-quality embroidered details, capturing the essence of the Bluey characters.
  • Bluey Plush Assortment: The collection features Bluey, Bingo, and new additions like Socks, Lila, Baby Bluey, and Chef Bingo, offering a wide variety of characters to collect and enjoy.
  • Perfect Size: Standing between 16.5cm and 23cm tall, these plushies are the ideal size for cuddling and carrying anywhere.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from soft, durable materials, these plush toys are built to last, ensuring they remain a favorite part of your child's toy collection.
    Great for All Ages: These plush toys are perfect for kids, teens, and adults who are fans of Bluey, making them a wonderful addition to any collection.
  • Includes: (1) Bluey Plush, Ships Assorted
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