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Viajero Packing Cubes
Viajero Packing Cubes
Viajero Packing Cubes
Viajero Packing Cubes
Viajero Packing Cubes
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Travel With No Excuses, And Pack With NO Regrets!

Take your packing game to the next level with Viajero Packing Cubes! Unlike any other packing cubes, this 6 piece set is meticulously stitched for unwavering durability. Its two-way nylon zipper and plastic pulling-head provide fluid accessibility. Say GOODBYE to disorganized packing, and be ready to hit the road feeling completely relaxed!

Viajero Packing Cubes are the PERFECT idea for travel enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, commuters, wedding parties, college students, athletes, campers, festival goers, and more! Viajero Packing Cubes will accommodate your EVERY need! 

Pick Easier And Arrive Organized Every Time!

Find your things in a flash with the Viajero Packing Cubes! When using packing cubes, you can pull that one specific cube out of your bag to get exactly what you need instead of rummaging through piles of stuff in a suitcase. The mesh paneling make it easy to identify contents, and is gentle on your delicate fabrics! These cubes will tuck your clothes safely in your luggage keeping them neat, organized, and virtually wrinkle free! Lightweight and fold-able, Viajero packing cubes can also make security checks at the airport easy and quick!

An essential for moms and dads on the go! With the Viajero Packing Cubes, you can be confident on the road knowing you can easily access your kids snacks, drinks, clothes, diapers, toys, wipes, and more!

Pack More In Less Space!

Viajero Packing Cubes keep your clothes more compressed, so you can fit more into your luggage. Better yet, the building-block shape of the cubes easily stack and fit neatly into every available inch of your bag or suitcase. 

Protect Your Personal Items!

Don't let the rain stop you from enjoying your travels. Viajero Packing Cubes are completely waterproof! Their high quality fabric and polyester mesh make these cubes highly durable, waterproof AND dust proof! 

Viajero Packing Cubes are specifically designed to be super easy to wash! These amazing cubes prevent unwanted bacterial growth and odors! A must-have for picnics, soccer and baseball games, summer camp, and more!


Product Highlights

  • 6pc set includes:

1 x Small bag = 7.25" x 3.28" x 11.4" (18.42cm x 8.33cm x 28.95cm)
2 x Medium bag = 10.4" x 3.25" x 14.5" (26.42cm x 8.26cm x 36.83cm)
1 x Large bag = 13" x 3.5" x 18.25" (33.02cm x 8.89cm x 46.36cm)
1 x Shoe bag = 15" x 18" (38.1cm x 45.72cm)
  • Meticulously stitched for unwavering durability

  • two-way nylon zipper and plastic pulling-head for fluid accessibility

  • Easy access with mesh paneling

  • Waterproof!

  • Easy to wash to prevent odors, and bacterial growth

  • Makes airport security checkouts easier!

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