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UV-C Sanitizer & Wireless Phone Charging Kit
UV-C Sanitizer & Wireless Phone Charging Kit
UV-C Sanitizer & Wireless Phone Charging Kit
UV-C Sanitizer & Wireless Phone Charging Kit
UV-C Sanitizer & Wireless Phone Charging Kit
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Ultimate Cleanliness In Your Pocket

A wireless phone charger and sanitizer in one essential accessory! Fully portable and sized to fit in a coat pocket, the UV-C Sanitizer & Wireless Phone Charging Kit is perfect for using at home, travel, and work. Powered by a UV-C light, the interior sanitizer eliminates up to 99.9% of the harmful and nasty germs found on our smartphones.

Thousands and thousands of germs can be found daily on a smartphone, putting the users at risk for viruses and infections from constantly touching and tapping the screen or holding the case in the hands. Placing your smartphone inside the sanitizer box cleans the device in 90 seconds by dousing it with UV-C light, which is proven effective for killing the harmful genetic material inside bacteria. And because UV-C rays can potentially damage human skin, the light only turns on when the sanitizer box is closed, so it’s worry-free!

Wireless Charging On The Go

Not only a handy sanitizer, this Wireless Phone Charging Kit gives your smartphone a quick recharge wherever you are. Keep it at home to give your iPhone or Android a boost at the end of the day (as well as a good cleaning). Have one in the office to charge up your mobile device while you’re hard at work to make sure you have a full battery for the commute home. Or take the Sanitizer & Wireless Charger with you when you travel! And with the included USB charging cable, you’ll be able to keep your new gadget working at maximum power.

Best of all, the charging case is Qi-enabled, so there are no cords to plug into the smartphone! As long as you have a compatible model, you can enjoy wireless charging simply by placing the phone on the charging surface. Quick and easy to use, it can charge your phone while in your pocket, in a drawer, on a counter, anywhere at all!

Sanitize Phones & More!

This super cool, compact UV-C Sanitizer & Wireless Phone Charging Kit works wonders for cleaning and disinfecting smartphones. But did you know the UV-C light can also be used to sanitize other household items? Small everyday items that may be contaminated by bacteria and can fit in the case such as keys, remote controls, earbuds, and pill cases can be placed inside to destroy germs and bacteria DNA. Simply plug in the USB cord to disinfect your devices or charge your cell wherever and whenever you need to!

Product Highlights

  • Qi-certified wireless charging for your smartphone
  • UV-C light cleans in 90 seconds
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus germs
  • Can be used at home, work, travel and more
  • Compact size fits in a pocket or bag
  • Includes charging cable and user manual
  • Coronavirus supplies ship within 24 hours
  • Ships via FedEx from Toronto
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