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Turbo Pump Cordless
Turbo Pump Cordless
Turbo Pump Cordless
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No More Spills!

Turbo pump is the automatic, cordless powered, liquid transfer pump that easily lets you move liquids! It takes the hassle out of filling gas tanks, refilling windshield fluid and so much more with NO spills!

It's easy to use - simply secure the hands-free clip and switch it on to easily transfer gas, water, oil, and more. It even has an auto stop sensor that stops the pumping and beeps when it detects a full tank. The secret is the turbo siphon technology that pumps almost any liquid down to the last drop - Turbo Pump can transfer over a gallon of liquid in less than 20 seconds!

Great For Outdoor & Indoor Jobs!

Siphoning can be dangerous and doesn't always work, but Turbo Pump does the siphoning for you, making it perfect for filling lawn mowers, yard tools, snow blowers, boats, generators, cleaning fluids, and more! Great for indoor jobs, this cordless pump will drain clogged sinks or tubs in mere seconds! Empty an entire hot tub in just minutes. Turbo Pump is ideal for winterizing RVs, motor cycles, lawn mowers, and more! 

Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

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