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True Touch Pet Deshedding Glove
True Touch Pet Deshedding Glove
True Touch Pet Deshedding Glove
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Pet The Hair Away!

The True Touch Deshedding Glove easily removes loose hair while gently massaging your pets. Perfect for long haired or short and curly haired dogs and cats, the True Touch Deshedding Glove allows you to simply pet the hair away. The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making cleanup a breeze while keeping your pet calm and relaxed.


  • Five finger glove mimics the loving touch of your hand for a relaxing massage
  • 180 soft silicone grooming tips groom your pet with ease
  • Loosens and lifts away hair form both under and top coat
  • Helps keep you and your house clean
  • Hair sticks to the glove - simply peel off and throw hair away
  • Includes (1) True Touch Deshedding Glove 
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