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TopCoat® F11® Polish & Sealer Kit
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TopCoat® Formula 11® is a Professional Sealer formulated to enhance, protect, & maintain any material or surface. F11® represents the next generation of TopCoat®'s water-based, “Eco” safe, highly Advanced Multi-Purpose & Multi-Use coating technology.

F11® Improves coating characteristics & performance vs. TopCoat® HPS, especially on dark colors, hides micro-scratches & swirl marks more effective, longer-lasting, more durable, extremely hydrophobic (easier to use on glass), insane depth of image & shine, wickedly slick with improved easy-release and non-stick coating technology, designed to significantly reduce weathering, dirt & debris build-up on any surface, ECO Safe!


  • Water-based formula, Eco Safe!
  • No solvents or abrasive compounds
  • Easy Release Characteristics with Non-Stick Formulation
  • No need to stir or shake
  • Polished surfaces are extremely water-resistant
  • No orbital or mechanical budding required
  • Protect and reduce harmful effects from bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, brake dust, etc...
  • Multi-purpose sealer coats, restores, and protects multiple surfaces and materials, even plastic
  • F11® can withstand high temperatures and isn’t flammable making it great for engines, glass stovetops, grills, etc...

Includes (1) TopCoat® F11® Polish & Sealer 16oz Spray, (1) TopCoat® F11® Polish & Sealer 2oz Travel Size, (2) High Quality Microfiber Towels.

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