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The Laptop Lifter Adjustable Laptop Stand
The Laptop Lifter Adjustable Laptop Stand
The Laptop Lifter Adjustable Laptop Stand
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Control Your Laptop Viewing Comfort

Using a laptop all day for work or at home can often get very tiring depending on the angle you are viewing the screen, especially with so many people working remotely right now. Adjust your laptop at the best angle for your needs with The Laptop Lifter. This essential tech accessory features six adjustable height levels to create the most comfortable viewing angle for everyday computer work. You'll also experience natural angles for video-conferencing, virtual classes, online presentations, and more.

The ergonomic adjustable design of the Laptop Lifter lets you angle your laptop to help reduce eye strain and neck, shoulder and back pain. It also features a special triangular support that holds your laptop steady and ready to use. In addition, the anti-slip protective pads add even more stability and keeps the laptop in place. This portable laptop stand is also fully foldable, so it can slip into a briefcase with ease, and is made of lightweight aluminum that makes it a snap to take it from place to place without adding too much extra travel weight.

The Laptop Lifter fits all phones, tablets, and laptops measuring 11" to 15.6", which means you can use it for multiple devices. It's also designed for maximum air circulation of the laptop, helping to prevent overheating or getting too hot to hold on your lap. Great for using in the home or the office, the Laptop Lifter stores easily in a desk drawer, cabinet, or backpack when not in use, so it helps reduce clutter as well!

Benefits of Using a Laptop Stand

The biggest benefit of using a laptop stand such as the Laptop Lifter is the built-in ergonomics benefit. The scientific study of people at work, ergonomic designs help to reduce soft tissue injuries and muscle or skeletal disorders caused by long-term exposure to bad posture, straining, vibration, or repetitive motion such as using a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard day after day, hour after hour.

A laptop stand helps to improve ergonomics by allowing the user to adjust the angle to avoid neck strain and eye strain. This can also reduce the common issue of screen glare, which often leads to headaches and more eye strain from squinting or losing focus. Adjusting the angle also helps avoid back strain from the repetitive downward movements of typing and looking down at the screen while bending slightly, causing poorer posture. A laptop stand also helps keep both your computer from overheating, as well as your lap from being directly on the heat of the constantly working device, which can cause burns or overall soreness. The Laptop Lifter does all this and more, from the variety of available angles to the instant air circulation.


  • Six adjustable heights
  • Ergonomic, adjustable design
  • Lightweight at just 325g
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Size: 9.45" x 1.8" x 0.66" (24cm x 4.6cm x 1.7cm)
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