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Studio Chalkart Stencil | 9.5
Studio Chalkart Stencil | 9.5
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Unleash your inner artist and find the font that matches your passion to express yourself. The Studio Chalkart Allura Font stencil set will pretty up any display you can think of. Available with both uppercase and lowercase options, as well as numbering and special characters, you can genuinely customize your display the way you want to.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or just someone with a little room to display something in the best way possible, the Studio Chalkart Stencil Collection is your best friend. With multiple customization options, including presets like Mama's Kitchen, Say Yes To New Adventures, Together Is Our Favorite Place To Be, or font sets like Allura, Alex Brush, and Helvetica, the Studio Chalkart Stencil is there for you to express yourself as you know best.


  • Two options: lowercase and UPPERCASE
  • Easy to apply, just peel and paste
  • Reusable
  • Letters included: A-Z
  • Numbers included: 0-9
  • Symbols included: ! (exclamation mark) ; (semi-colon) . (period) : (colon) ? (question mark) - (dash) , (comma)

Includes (1) 9.5" x 12" Studio Chalkart Allura Font Stencil Set.

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