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Squishmallows Super Soft Plush Toys | Dumbo | 8
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The Classic Flying Elephant In Squishmallow Format!

Rediscover Dumbo as an adorable Squishmallow! These super soft plush pals are ready to bring sweet comfort and support to anyone's day. One of the most popular plush toys in the world, Squishmallows are versatile as well as huggable. Kids and adults love to use them as a companion on the couch, in bed, when traveling, or anywhere! During the pandemic, Squishmallows have become friends in need, providing comfort and smiles to ward off depression and generally makes one's day a little brighter. Soft enough to use as a pillow, they're ideal cuddle buddies for traveling or just hanging around!

The Popularity of Squishmallows Grow All Over Social Media!

On TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Squishmallow owners all across the globe are sharing their collections! One of today's most popular trending toys of today, these huggable companions have inspired videos, images, and viral posts that are just plain fun. Search across social media and you'll find many love to share their Squishmallows hunts, as they look in stores for rare and hard-to-find characters. The good news for you is you can pick up this Squishmallow right here...without having to wait for a crisis!


  • Extremely soft and cuddly Squishmallow
  • Measures 8 inches tall / 20.32cm
  • The incredibly popular and classic Dumbo in Squishmallow format
  • Great for collecting
  • For ages 3 and up
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