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Simpleza Oils 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil | 60 ml

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Simpleza Oils 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil | 60 ml
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Simple Solutions For Everyday Problems

Simpleza has one marketing strategy. Create clinical treatments that solve everyday problems. With no expensive marketing campaigns or packaging, these solutions cost less and can be used with your existing products. Simple.

Why Use Simpleza's Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil, otherwise known as Melaleuca Oil is a common ingredient used in many skin care routines. It is a pure, essential oil with a refreshing odor, harvested from the leaves of the Malaleuca Alternifolia, native to Australia. Traditionally it has been used as a topical agent for the skin.

Simpleza's 100% Tea Tree Oil is a skin care miracle and can be used daily to help care for your skin. Help your body to reduce acne breakouts, soothe irritations and even protect against certain skin conditions. You can have confidence in Simpleza's dedication to quality products.


  • Targeted care for acne and blemishes
  • Can be used directly onto skin
  • Soothes skin irritations and conditions
  • Refreshing & revitalizing scent

    How To Use

    • Ensure that skin is clean and dry.
    • Apply toner and let dry.
    • Apply 2-3 drops onto fingertips and massage.
    • Gently dab a small amount onto any pimples or spots.
    • Let dry and set with your favourite moisturizer.
    • Leave on for a few hours or overnight.


    100% Pure & Natural Tea Tree Oil.


    For external use only. Don't over apply or it can dry out skin. Stay out of sun when using, as skin can become more sensitive to UV rays.
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