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Simpleza™ Flawless Cosmetic Brush
Simpleza™ Flawless Cosmetic Brush
Simpleza™ Flawless Cosmetic Brush
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A Professional Quality Cosmetic Brush

The ultimate cosmetic brush for your everyday needs! The Simpleza™ Flawless Cosmetic Brush is soft and compact, ready to go anywhere when you need a touchup or for starting the day. The soft and thick bristles provide smooth and full coverage for a great look every time. Made from ultra-soft synthetic fibers, the Flawless Cosmetic Brush is ideal for working on sensitive skin without causing any discomfort or smudging.

This multi-functional cosmetic brush is perfect for applying and blending foundation, cream, concealer, powder, blush and highlighter. You can apply and blend nearly any product, and still maintain a flawless complexion with ease. The compact design makes it a snap to store in a bag or purse, and with the included polystyrene case, you can be assured that no makeup residue will get inside your bag or on your belongings.

The handle of this durable brush comes in an ergonomic hexagonal shape that's easy to grip and makes for smooth, everyday use, even when you're in a hurry. A professional quality accessory, it will be a terrific gift for a best friend's birthday, a wedding shower, or a makeup party.

Caring for Your Flawless Cosmetic Brush

Using your new Simpleza™ brush is similar to other brushes, but with a perfect, poreless finish every time. To apply foundation, start in the middle fo the face and brush it on with outward strokes. This prevents noticeable makeup lines near your jawline and hairline. To apply a mineral or powder type foundation, be sure to swirl the bristles to buff them and work the product into your skin better. Doing this with such a premium brush and nylon bristles reduces absorption and coats evenly.

When it comes to getting the best results from your brush time after time, you'll want to keep it looking neat and free from clumps. You can clean the nylon bristles with mile soap and warm water to keep them clean. Make sure to rinse them off well, then reshape the bristles before air drying them for a while. Finally, store the cosmetic brush in the plastic case when not in use for best protection.


  • Provides a smooth and poreless finish
  • Ultra-soft bristles blends makeup evenly
  • Storage case protects brush
  • Unique hexagon shape for easy gripping
  • Measures 5.5cm x 4cm x 4cm (2" x 1.5" x 1.5")
  • Material: Brush - Nylon, Handle & case - Polystyrene
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