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Quantum™ Perfect Pose Magnetic Posture Corrector
Quantum™ Perfect Pose Magnetic Posture Corrector
Quantum™ Perfect Pose Magnetic Posture Corrector
Quantum™ Perfect Pose Magnetic Posture Corrector
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Do You SUFFER from Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain, or an Unsightly Slouch?

Now with Pain Relieving Magnets

Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic is a posture corrector that is adjustable, lightweight and ultra-comfortable. It instantly corrects your posture upon wearing, aligning your spine in the most optimum way possible. When worn regularly, it supports pain relief, encourages spinal health and also helps you permanently and subconsciously adopt a perennially perfect posture.

Bad Posture and its Many, Many Problems

Do you slouch? A slouch does so much more than just make you look bad. When your shoulders, upper back and neck are all slumped forward, you don't just look unconfident but you also put your spine and all its supporting muscles under tremendous strain.

A vast majority of us slouch, to at least a certain extent. If your work is sedentary and requires you to sit for long hours, chances are that you have the worst kind of slouch out there. You must have had people tell you to 'stand up straight', to 'throw your shoulders back' and to 'hold your head up high'.

You might have tried. But, you probably went back to your slouch.

It just isn't easy to remember to maintain good posture!

If you continue to slouch, the temporary back, neck and shoulder pain you are experiencing now will become chronic pain that will debilitate you, for life.

It is time for you to do something about your posture, now.

Take Control of Your Spinal Health Today

Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic is a wearable posture corrector. Simply slip on the posture corrector and use the adjustable straps to snugly pull the shoulder straps taut, until you feel your shoulders thrown back and your chest puffed out.

As the Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic is lightweight and breathable, you can wear your everyday shirt or t-shirt over it, so your posture is always corrected, whether you are at work, at the gym or just hanging out with friends.


Pain Relieving Magnets
The magnets in Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic help increase blood flow to your previously cramped and inflamed muscles, helping them heal and recover after your posture muscles are first relieved by posture correction.

Wear regularly to reduce chronic back, neck and shoulder pain previously caused by bad posture. Enjoy an increased range of motion, as you learn to subconsciously adopt a new posture, even without wearing the Perfect Pose Corrector!

Fully Adjustable
Integrated into the Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic is an adjustable resistance band that allows you to precisely calibrate your posture correction, according to the unique dimensions of your body.

Comfortable to Wear
Posture correctors can be very uncomfortable if not made right, and it is the case with most of the products out there. With Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic, great care has been taken to give you a corrector that is incredibly comfortable to wear, for long hours at a time, day after day.

  • Breathable fabric
  • Padded straps
  • Detachable armpit straps (A Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic Exclusive Feature)

Look Confident
With the Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic, you will feel different and you shall certainly look different. With shoulders back, chest out and a tall presence, your confidence automatically spikes, giving you a new lease on life.

Corrects & Trains
The Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic will initially correct your posture. But, over time, it will begin to train you into adopting your newly corrected posture. After repeated use, you will not even need Perfect Pose to maintain correct posture anymore!

Quantum Perfect Pose Magnetic vs Competition

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Fast results
Magnetic therapy
Easy to use at home


One size fits most.

An Ultra-Comfortable, Fully-Adjustable Posture Corrector with Pain Relieving Magnets
Feel Different. Look Different. Live Pain Free, Forever
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