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Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow
Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow
Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow
Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow
Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow
Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow
Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow
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A Neck Traction Pillow that REVERSES Years of Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain, in Just 20 Minutes of Use

Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow

'Stretches' Chronically Tight Neck & Shoulder Muscles

Enjoy professional at-home cervical traction for instant and significant relief from neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, stress, tension, carpal tunnel syndrome, bulging disc pain & arthritis


Why Your Neck Needs Traction?

Whether you are a man or a woman, your neck muscles are always hard at work, holding up your head that weighs about 10 to 12 lbs., for about 16 to 18 hours a day.

If that wasn’t enough work already, your neck muscles have to work overtime when you have to look down, like when you look at your phone, something that you do so often.

Did you know that looking down at your phone means that the relative weight of your head increases from about 10 lbs, to about 27 lbs., at just a 15° angle? If you have bad posture and look down at a 30° angle, the relative weight of your head creeps up to 40 lbs. At 60°, your neck muscles are dealing with a head with the relative weight at a massive 60 lbs!

When the small muscle group in your neck is subject to such enormous strains, it tightens up and becomes sore. When your neck tightens up and becomes sore, your shoulders usually follows suit, followed by muscles in your arm and your back. Your entire body is eventually subject to stress and tension, because of the strain on your neck

Nerves get pinched and blood flow gets trapped and your body develops a host of problems like limited range of motion, muscle pain, stress, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc related problems and even debilitating arthritic conditions.

It is therefore IMPERATIVE that your neck receives periodic traction, to relieve the enormous amount of stress on it!

How The Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow Provides Traction to Your Neck?

The Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow, a safe at-home cervical traction device, is a portable, adjustable and inflatable pillow that is designed to be gently worn around your neck. Once you adjust the Velcro straps to fit the soft and comfortable pillow around your neck, you will need to use the attached air pump to slowly pump air into the pillow, to inflate it.

As the Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow gently inflates, it gradually lifts your head away from your shoulders, substituting your tired and overworked neck muscles, giving you the feeling that your head is floating on your shoulders, as your neck muscles finally get a chance to completely relax.

With just 20 minutes of use, your neck muscles enjoy tremendously improved blood circulation that in turn reduces pain, inflammation, pinched nerves and a variety of neck related aproblems that cause discomfort in your head, back and your arms.

Experience 20 Minutes of Professional At-Home Cervical Traction BLISS

Relieving Muscle Relaxation:

Relieve days, weeks, months or even years of neck and shoulder tension, with just 20 minutes of traction

Rejuvenating Muscle Stretching:

Your neck and shoulder muscles are not only relaxed, but therapeutically stretched, relieving pain & mobility issues

Comforting Spinal Decompression:

With your neck relieved and stretched, your entire spinal column enjoys a complementing decompression

Enhanced Circulation:

Relaxed and stretched neck & shoulders allow for blood to freely circulate in previously constricted muscles, healing them

Easy to use

The Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow is easy to wear and easy to adjust. Once you have worn the pillow and adjusted the straps, you control the amount of air you pump into the pillow, according to your comfort. You can choose whether to just relax your neck or also therapeutically stretch it.

Incredibly light and portable, you can take the Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow to work, while you travel or just anywhere on the go.

  • Wear and use in minutes
  • Portable
  • Non-Electronic Manual Air Pump

Safe to use

The Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow is designed to inflate vertically and will not choke your neck, even when fully inflated. The Velcro straps are adjustable, allowing you to wear it as comfortably as you want.

For best results, you may use the Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow 3 times a day, 20 minutes each time. But, there is no such thing as overuse! Use it as many times as you want.

  • Not just painless, but incredibly therapeutic
  • No side effects
  • No batteries
  • No restrictions on usage frequency
  • Fully adjustable, to fit any neck size
  • Designed to only inflate vertically, without tightening around neck

Who Will Benefit from Using the Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow?

Almost anyone in this modern age will tremendously benefit from using the Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow. More specifically, it will help people who fit the following characteristics;


People who use their phones a lot

If you look down at your phone, even for 2 hours a day, your neck and shoulders are probably incredibly tight, with limited range of motion, with pain and soreness.

People with neck or shoulder pain

Is just looking up, down or to the right or left giving you a pang of pain in your neck or shoulders, traction will do you a world of good

People with tension headaches

Do you find yourself suffering from a headache every time you are stressed? This is due to neck and shoulder nerve pressure that can be relieved by traction!

People with back pain

Relief from back pain often starts at the neck. This is why most chiropractors adjust your neck to relieve pain in the back. Cervical traction or traction to the neck does the same

People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Like back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem that originates from your neck and shoulders. Periodic traction will reverse this condition and accompanying problems like cold or numb sensations that pass down the arms

People with Stress

Stress, whether physical, emotional or mental, causes your neck and shoulder to stiffen up. Tight muscles contribute to even more stress. It is a vicious cycle, a cycle that can be reversed with periodic neck traction!

People with Disc bulge or Herniation

Did you know that discs are actually soft cushion-like-pads that expand and contract between your vertebrae? With periodic traction provided by the Quantum Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow, your discs are given critical time to heal and decompress, ensuring enhanced spinal health
Enjoy Easy, 100% Safe & Professional At-Home Cervical Traction
20 Minutes of Traction Can Turn Back YEARS of Neck & Shoulder Pain, Stress & Headaches
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