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Quantum™ Fog-Free Mask Guard (3-pack)
Quantum™ Fog-Free Mask Guard (3-pack)
Quantum™ Fog-Free Mask Guard (3-pack)
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Quantum™ Fog-Free Mask Guard

No More Foggy Glasses

Wearing a mask has become mandatory in many public spaces and cities across the country. But those wearing glasses have found face masks hard to wear due to the fogging that happens. With the Quantum™ Fog-Free Mask Guard, this problem can be solved fast! Each package contains three fog-free face mask guards, so you can share them with your family, or have one handy wherever you might be and need to wear a protective face mask.

This helpful face mask guard frame is placed inside the face mask to allow you to experience a little bit of extra room, without compromising the integrity of the seal on your mask. You’ll be able to see easier without the fog covering up your glasses!

To Use

Align guard with inside top edge of mask, vents facing down. Then place mask on your face with the guard going on the bridge of the nose.

Please note: Quantum™ Fog-Free Mask Guard is not a medical device. It’s meant to be worn only with a protective face mask in order to help reduce fogging. Masks are not included with the guards.


  • Helps prevent glasses from fogging
  • Redirects hot air out to sides
  • Helps to vent hot air safely away from glasses
  • Fits all face masks (reusable and disposable)
  • Size: 4.7in (12cm)
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