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ProKitchen Neat Sink Expandable Sink Caddy | As Seen On Facebook
ProKitchen Neat Sink Expandable Sink Caddy | As Seen On Facebook
ProKitchen Neat Sink Expandable Sink Caddy | As Seen On Facebook
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Expandable Caddy To Keep Your Sink Clean And Organized!

Quick to set up and easy to install, this cool caddy will keep your kitchen sink area neat, clean, and super organized. It features an expandable design that ensures easy setup and is able to fit most kitchen sinks. The bottom of the Neat Sink Expandable Sink Caddy features handy drainage holes the will prevent water from accumulating inside the caddy base. The holes are designed to help not only with drying but also to prevent bacteria from growing inside the caddy.

The Expandable Sink Caddy is perfect for storing all your sink utensils in one place that's within reach when you need them. This neat storage keeps your kitchen organized and neat, especially if you have guests or are hosting friends and family. It also comes with a nifty built-in towel rack that holds your cleaning cloths and towels to keep them dry and further prevent any bacteria buildup.

Installation is Quick and Easy

Setting up your Expandable Sink Caddy can be fast and easy if you follow the handful of steps on the packaging. To start, get the pieces ready near the kitchen sink, and soon enough you'll be enjoying incredible everyday organization!

Start by aligning the buckle with the clip on the edge of the caddy and press together firmly to lock the main bracket. Next, install the towel bar arms, inserting both of them in their respective holes in the base. Then insert the bracket to hold the arms together and add support for anything you hang on them. All that's left to do is expand the base to fit the specifications of your kitchen sink, then install it on the sink. Yes, it's that easy and that fast!

An ideal addition to any home kitchen, this expandable sink caddy is not only easy to set up but is easy to remove so you can give it a quick wash and rinse. Made from high-quality material, it's long-lasting and sure to improve your kitchen decor. Use it to hold all your kitchen essentials, from scrubbing utensils and sponges to dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer, dish brushes, and more!


  • Expandable design fits most sinks
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in towel bar feature for cloths and towels
  • Drainage holes prevent water accumulation and bacteria growth
  • Measures 39.5 x 8.5 x 27 cm / 15.5" x 3.34" x 10.62"
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