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ProKitchen Multi Utensil Rest | As Seen On Facebook
ProKitchen Multi Utensil Rest | As Seen On Facebook
ProKitchen Multi Utensil Rest | As Seen On Facebook
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Essential Kitchen Tool For Any Chef

Whether you're an amateur home cook, a busy mom, or a professional chef, this handy kitchen helper will save you time, space, and headaches! The ProKitchen Multi Utensil Rest works to keep your kitchen utensils organized and handy while cooking. Made of non-slip silicone, it stays steady on the countertop as you place a utensil or cooking tool on it, which also helps alleviate drips and spills.

You can place up to four utensils in this multi-function gadget, thanks to the four roomy slots. It easily holds spatulas, spoons, brushes, chopsticks, and other cooking necessities of all sizes, organizing them in one spot so they're available quickly when it's time to perform the next task called for in the recipe. The kitchen will be neat and tidy, and the countertop free from messes, plus your prep time and cooking will be incredibly efficient!

One Kitchen Gadget For Many Uses

You can utilize the Multi Utensil Rest around the kitchen in other ways besides holding utensils. While cooking, you can prop a lid against the raised slot holders to make sure it's within reach when it's needed again. This will also keep liquid from getting onto the counter or stove, as it will drip onto the base. The larger flat portion of the base can be used to lay flippers or spoons down when you know you will need them again in a hurry.

This kitchen helper can also be used to organize utensils after all the cooking is done. The silicone material easily washes off to remove any messes that were kept off the counter, and after it's dry you can place clean tools on it for the next meal. And thanks to the compact size, you won't need to worry about taking up unnecessary counter space.

Check out the Multi Utensil Rest on social media sites like Facebook to see just how many people love this gadget, and how they use it in their everyday lives. You'll get some ideas about where to place it or learn just how easy and useful the utensil rest can be. With no need to wipe down counters as you cook, or search for the utensil you just put down a minute ago, you'll be saving time and staying organized, as well as stress-free!


  • Multiple slots to accommodate various utensil types & sizes
  • Non-slip base is perfect for any smooth surface
  • Raised edges helps keep countertops neat & drip-free
  • Holds up to 4 utensils in the slots
  • Keeps kitchen tongs in place
  • Holds lids propped up and within arm's reach
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