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Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings | #tiktokleggings | As Seen On TikTok
Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings | #tiktokleggings | As Seen On TikTok
Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings | #tiktokleggings | As Seen On TikTok
Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings | #tiktokleggings | As Seen On TikTok
Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings | #tiktokleggings | As Seen On TikTok
Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings | #tiktokleggings | As Seen On TikTok
Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings | #tiktokleggings | As Seen On TikTok
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Butt Lifting Leggings
  • Scrunch-butt design lifts and tones your bottom
  • High-waisted design for tummy control
  • Honeycomb weave hides puckers and dimples
  • Every purchase supports breast cancer research
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Strong 250 GSM compression and rip-resistance material
  • Curved v-shape waistband for a smaller-looking waist
  • The upgrade on every pair of leggings you’ve ever owned

Kibosh That Droopy Butt

We’re all about self-love and acceptance, but let’s face it, a flat, droopy butt just ain’t that attractive! Even the perfect butt could use a little lift.

Most leggings are designed to lift, tuck, tone, and hug your butt and thighs, but as you’ve probably experienced, they don’t always do their job well. Many pinch uncomfortably around the waist, or they cause an unsightly camel’s foot, or they don’t give enough oomph in the butt area, or they slip down with the slightest movement. Your body is beautiful, but it gets lost when you stuff yourself into unattractive leggings.

Stop yanking those old leggings up. Put on THE pair of leggings that showcase all your beautiful curves AND hide all those imperfections that other leggings don’t.

The Ultimate Butt & Confidence Boost

Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings (#tiktokleggings) are the original butt-boosting leggings that have gone viral on TikTok. If you haven’t seen them yet, stop missing out right now! These are the leggings that will make you donate all those other leggings to a charity shop (even those expensive yoga pants!).

Your butt needs these pants, here’s why: If you’ve ever felt like a stuffed sausage in a pair of regular leggings, it’s because they’re not the right leggings. The right leggings should make you feel super sexy, sleek, seductive, curvy, moving with a cat-like agility rather than a stampede of elephants––and you know the difference. Feel the difference as soon as you put them on. No more jiggle, unsightly undercarriage, or cellulite dimples. These pants hug your tummy, butt, and thighs like a sister skin. Once they’re on, you’ll never want to take them off!

These Leggings Will Change Your Life

Isn’t it incredible how a simple pair of leggings can change everything? When we look good we feel good, and sometimes that means stepping into a dress, a shirt, or a pair of leggings that enhance our best features so we can see our own beauty more clearly. Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings as seen on TikTok are designed with a combination of exclusive features no other leggings have. Check it out:
High-Waisted Tummy: You’ll wonder where that tummy went! Built-in tummy control provides gentle compression to give your tummy a slimmer, more toned appearance.
Butt Ruching: The ripple-like effect of textured pleats transforms your butt into a beautiful, squeezable, irresistible booty.
Ribbed Honeycomb Fabric: Textured material conceals and smoothes out dimples, cellulite, and other imperfections.
Curved V-Shaped Waistband: Flatter your tummy and behold how teeny tiny it looks with a v-shaped waistband designed to tuck and trim a thick waist.
Comfortable Compression: 250 GSM provides strong enough compression to keep those thighs and butt taught and tight while giving oodles of comfort.

Upgrade Your Yoga Pants

There’s a big reason why these leggings are trending so hard on TikTok, and believe it or not, it isn’t just about the beautiful booty they give. Peplos Tiktastic Butt Lift Leggings aren’t just for lounging around the house. Wear these babies as yoga or workout pants, under jeans, or as a second skin on extra cold days. They’re awesome maternity pants too. They give you the feeling of “letting it all hang out” while keeping it all contained, smooth, and super sexy.

Fitted for every woman’s size and shape: small, medium, large, and extra-large. See the size chart below for specific measurements. If you’re in between sizes, we recommended choosing the smaller size for a more enhanced lift.

Your purchase includes: 1 pair of Peplos TikTastic Butt Lift Leggings in your chosen size.

Make no more butts about your beauty.

Size Waist Hips
Small 25" - 27" 35.5" - 37.5"
Medium 28" - 30" 38" - 40"
Large 31" - 33" 41" - 43"
X-Large 33" - 35" 43.5" - 45.5"
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