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Paqui #OneChipChallenge 2022 Edition (1pc) | As Seen On Social!
Paqui #OneChipChallenge 2022 Edition (1pc) | As Seen On Social!
Paqui #OneChipChallenge 2022 Edition (1pc) | As Seen On Social!
Paqui #OneChipChallenge 2022 Edition (1pc) | As Seen On Social!
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The One Chip Challenge Will Shock You!

Are you feeling blue? Need a little pick-me-up? Then this challenge is for you! The flames from Hell spark from this brutal chip that turns your tongue blue! 

Made with two of the spiciest chili peppers in the world, the Carolina Reaper Pepper and Scorpion Pepper, this straight-from-Hell chip now turns your tongue blue as a badge of honor to prove you've completed the challenge!

Each coffin contains one (1) #OneChipChallenge tortilla chip, individually wrapped to lock-in the extreme heat.

Here's how to take the Paqui One Chip Challenge:  

    First, eat the chip. 

    Wait as long as possible before drinking or eating anything for relief. How long can you last before you short circuit?

    Share your blue tongue and reaction on social media with #onechipchallenge.


    Product Specs: 

    • One eye-watering, curse-inducing chip made with the hottest peppers on the planet.
    • Box size: 11.02cm x 2.24cm x 14.83cm
    • Chip weight: ‎6 grams / 0.21oz
    • Each coffin shaped box comes with (1) chip
    • Ingredients: Ground Corn, Canola Oil, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Ghost Pepper, Sea Salt, Chipotle Pepper, Yeast Extract.


    *WARNING:  Do not eat if you are sensitive to spicy foods, allergic to peppers, nightshades or capsacin or are pregnant or have any medical conditions.  Keep out of reach of children.  After touching the chip, wash your hands with soap and do not touch your eyes or other sensitive areas.  Seek medical assistance should you experience difficulty breathing, fainting or extended nausea.
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