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ORB Sensory: 24pc Fidget Collection
ORB Sensory: 24pc Fidget Collection
ORB Sensory: 24pc Fidget Collection
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Twenty-Four Pieces of Fidgety Fun!

These Sensory Fidget Sets combine the perfect mix of twisty, popping, squeezy, soothing tactile fun! Perfect for home, office, school… These variety packs are sure to calm the busiest of minds! This fidget collection features 24 of the most popular, trending fidget toys. Sensory Toys are the ultimate in therapeutic, stress relieving fun. With every click, pop, crackle, and twirl, Sensory Toys provide a therapeutic outlet that fosters calming, self-soothing outlets. Collect them, share them, trade them!

Collection Includes: 2 Fidget Spinners, 1 Fidget Suction Toy, 1 Fidget Key Chain, 1 Squishy Fidget Toy, 3 Fidget Chains, 1 Octo-Popper, 1 Fidget Mesh Toy, 3 Maze Spinner, 2 Fidget Pop Tubes, 2 Fidget Stretchy Ropes, 1 Fidget Crawler, 2 Fidget Balls, 1 Fidget Squeeze Ball, 1 Bubble Popper Bracelet, 1 Fidget Puzzle, ! Bubble Popper, and more!!


  • Sensory Fidget Collection
  • 24 Fidget Toys
  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety
  • Enhance Motor Skills
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great for Kids & Adults
  • Pop It, Squish It, Stretch It
  • Great for Classrooms, Office and Home
  • Mesmerizing Fun
  • Soothing & Calming
  • Ages 3+

Pop N' Play Bubble Popping Games

Pop N' Play is a simple, straightforward game that has a world of developmental and social benefits for all children. And it’s fun for adults too! Take it with you anywhere: on long car rides, flights, school bus trips, waiting rooms, to the beach, park, playdates, and more. It’s simple enough that any age can play and join in the fun, from preschoolers to teenagers to adults, making Pop N' Play a perfect family game for the whole family to play.

Mesh & Marble

These marble and mesh fidgets are great to keep hands happy and the mind focused. The mesh can be squeezed, twisted, pulled, and pushed moving the marbled back and forth. The repetitive motion is very soothing and calming, making this a great addition to your fidget collection. Noiseless, these are great fidgets for a class or at an office. 

Wacky Tracks

Wacky Tracks are the ideal starter hand fidget. Classic design that can be twisted, formed, and moved. Bend, form or fidget, there is no end to what you can create. Features an articulated plastic chain. Assorted colors. Focus on the feeling of the tension and softness cyclically. Play with fidget toys over and over again helps mind focusing and eliminate tension at important moment. These wacky tracks are made of PP material, durable and smooth.

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