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MSA 30X Sound Amplifier
MSA 30X Sound Amplifier
MSA 30X Sound Amplifier
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Don't be embarrassed by large, unsightly amplifiers. MSA 30X® is a discrete sound amplifier that is lightweight and comfortable. The clear tubing of MSA 30X® fits the contour of the ear making it almost invisible.

Enjoy a movie or show without missing a word, have conversations with friends in a crowded restaurant without struggling to hear them all while being confident in your appearance. MSA 30X is so small it's barely visible!

The MSA 30X® is rechargeable saving you money on batteries. Fits right or left ear, has adjustable volume control and is FDA listed.


  • Lightweight & comfortable - only 0.3 ounces!
  • Small size is barely visible
  • Rechargeable - no more batteries!
  • Fits right or left ear
  • Adjustable volume control
  • FDA listed
  • Includes MSA 30X® Sound Amplifier, (6) Silicone Ear Buds, Charging Cradle, Adapter 7& Brush.
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