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Keto Urinalysis Strips 100 CNT
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Accurate Measures Produce Better Results!

Don’t guess if you're reaching ketosis. Are you active in Keto, Paleo, Cyclical Carb, or Low Carb Diets like Atkins? Keto Urine Strips are a reliable and cost-effective method for testing your ketone levels.

Results in 15 seconds. Each package contains 200 high-grade keto urine strips, safely sealed to ensure the quality of each urine strip tester. Our urinalysis testers will serve as a guide to help you meet your dieting goals. Use in the convenience of your home, work, or gym without the pain of needles on a ketone blood meter device.

Detailed instructions & color chart included. The fastest way to determine if glucose / glycogen is low enough for ketosis. Get accurate results with high precision keytone level stick. Professional medical grade urinalysis test sticks that are humidity resistant with a long shelf life. Urine strips are more precise than breath analyzers.

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