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Insta-Mop Slide & Clean
Insta-Mop Slide & Clean
Insta-Mop Slide & Clean
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Quickly Cleans Dirt And Grime!

No more bending over, no more getting dirty water on your hands or clothes! The Insta-Mop Slide & Clean comes with a revolutionary double-sided bucket that separates clean and dirty water. The ultra-absorbent mop head goes into the side with the bristle brush to keep it clean, and then into the side with the squeegee to remove the excess water.

Scrub your floors clean with the slim, flat mop head to leave a streak-free shine!

Features of Insta-Mop Slide & Clean

  • Extendable mop from 25" to 36" long
  • Works for tile, hardwood, marble, and more
  • Dual bucket keeps clean and dirty water separate
  • Lightweight and easy to store
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