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Face Shield | Fits Adults and Kids | Ships in 24 hours
Face Shield | Fits Adults and Kids | Ships in 24 hours
Face Shield | Fits Adults and Kids | Ships in 24 hours
Face Shield | Fits Adults and Kids | Ships in 24 hours
Face Shield | Fits Adults and Kids | Ships in 24 hours
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Cover Your Face For Safety

During this ongoing pandemic, your health and safety is paramount, as is the health and safety of those around you. Protect yourself with these Face Shield Protective Isolation Masks. The masks will keep your face shielded from potential hazards such as dust, dirt, sprays and fluids, pathogens, or light debris. One size fits most, and they’re also safe for use by both adults and children for the purpose of shielding the face.

Durable Protective Face Masks

The Face Shields are made from PET plastic and sponge, and are lightweight for comfort. There’s a foam headband for added comfort, especially if the wearer has the shield on for a long time. The adjustable elastic band, at a length of 50 cm helps create an ideal fit no matter who is using the protective face mask. It all comes pre-assembled, so there’s no need to put anything together to start using the shield.

The shield itself is optically clear and is coated with anti-fog and anti-static treatment. It’s also free from latex, fiberglass, and is distortion-free, which will aid against possible allergies. The entire item is OSHA-complaint, so you can trust the quality and safety when you use the shield outdoors and among other people.

To use your Protective Isolation Mask, remove the outer protective plastic film and it’s ready to go after adjusting the size to your head. Warning: Use this face shield only against liquids and dust that might get in your face. The shield is not impact resistant, so be sure not to slam it down. Also, do not use it as protection against open flame and sparks.

The Benefits of Face Shields

Face shields and masks are the new normal as the world struggles against the pandemic. People are wearing them outdoors and indoors to ward off germs and bacteria that may result from the spread of droplets from one person to another. The protective shield also prevents the wearer from spreading their own droplets as they speak or cough. In fact, a 2014 study showed a face shield could protect users up to 96 percent from exposure to viruses, when used within half a meter of someone coughing.

Face shields are extremely effective in protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth areas all at once. They’re easily to sterilize by cleaning the shield with an anti-bacterial wipe or soap and water, which can be done nearly anywhere, even on the go. This is also helpful with communication, which is less muffled than when speaking with a mask on. And since the shield is transparent, it’s certainly more suitable for deaf people, as the clear sightline aids with lip reading.

  • PET and sponge Face Shield is lightweight and optically clear
  • Adjustable elastic band; total band length 50cm
  • Anti-Fog and Anti-Static treatment
  • Latex-free, fiberglass free, distortion-free
  • Foam headband to relieve pressure
  • OSHA-compliant
  • Sizing: H33 x W22cm
  • Thickness: 0.28mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Completely assembled, no separate parts needed to assemble by user upon receipt
  • Reusable; can be used multiple times. Wipe with alcohol or soap & water to clean
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