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Cubii Jr. | Compact Seated Elliptical
Cubii Jr. | Compact Seated Elliptical
Cubii Jr. | Compact Seated Elliptical
Cubii Jr. | Compact Seated Elliptical
Cubii Jr. | Compact Seated Elliptical
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Workout Without Sacrificing Your Time, Space & Hard-Earned Money!

Making wellness approachable for all ages, abilities, and lifestyles, Cubii Jr. is the perfect way to start your health journey. Designed with ease of use and portability in mind, Cubii Jr. is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to incorporate daily exercise into your routine. Compact and lightweight, Cubii Jr. fits snug-as-a-bug under your home/office desk, couch, favorite chair, bed, or table. Adjust resistance levels with the built-in resistance dial. Track your workouts with the built-in LCD monitor! Cubii Jr. accommodates almost all ages and fitness levels. Whisper quiet technology gives you a discrete workout without any distractions. Whether you're looking for a low-impact workout or a high-resistance workout, Cubii Jr. can do it all while you sit, relax, and enjoy!

Achieve Your Goals

Set goals and keep track of your daily activity with the app and weekly reports.

Join the Community

Connect with other users to compete in challenges.

Be Connected Everywhere

Sync all of your progress with your other fitness trackers like FitBit or Apple HealthKit.

The Easiest Way To Incorporate Daily Exercise

Tuck it away so it's out of your way, and slide it back out for a quick and easy workout! Cubii Jr. allows you to get a great workout while staying in the comfort of your home. Why waste money on expensive gym memberships you inevitably don't end up using? Pricey exercise equipment is much too bulky and space-consuming, and once it's put away it's too much of a hassle to take it back out again, right? Cubii Jr. helps you save your hard-earned cash and your precious time!

Cubii Jr. is the perfect way to start moving, and feeling good. Unlike most ellipticals and treadmills, Cubii Jr. is super easy to take out and use! Designed with whisper-quiet technology, Cubii Jr. is the most discrete way to get the work out of your dreams without disturbing the people around you. The ideal office workout that no one will even realize you're doing!

It Really Is That Easy!

Simply place your Cubii Jr. in front of your desk, couch, chair, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

Adjust your resistance levels by turning the dial. You may need to play around with the dial to customize the resistance to your own comfort. Whether you are a seasoned fitness guru looking to get a high-resistance workout or someone needing a low-impact, steady workout, Cubii Jr. does it all!


Carefully place your feet on the paddles, and start peddling! Enjoy your workout in front of your TV, computer desk, or even your kitchen counter while making the family dinner! Place it in front of your bathroom sink, and squeeze in a morning workout while doing your hair. Take it outside in the backyard while your kids are enjoying some outdoor fun. The possibilities are endless with Cubii Jr. - the perfect holiday gift. 

Product Highlights

  • Designed specifically to be whisper quiet, discretely workout at the office or home without disturbing those around you
  • Patented ergonomic angels provide a smooth elliptical exercise that is low impact on your joints.
  • Its compact design lets you easily slide Cubii Jr under your desk, couch, chair, or anywhere.
  • Burn an additional 150 calories per hour.
  • A built-in LED display monitor tracks real time, calories, RPM, strides, and distance.
  • Select from 8 resistance levels, allowing you to adjust and control the intensity of your workout.
  • Easy assembly with everything you need to quickly start your Cubii Jr. workout
  • Measures approx. 32cm x 58cm x 32cm (13" x 23" x 13")
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