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Squishmallows 8
Squishmallows 8
Squishmallows 8
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The Most Popular Plush Around!

Squishmallows are super soft, plushy, and ready to offer comfort, support, and fun! One of the most popular plush toys in the world right now, they're as versatile as they are huggable. Kids and adults alike use them as a couch companion, pillow pal, bedtime buddy, or travel mate. During the pandemic, people have used Squishmallows as a friend in need that provides comfort and smiles when things are down. Sure to create instant smiles, they're soft enough to use as a pillow or to have as a travel buddy on road trips or airplanes.

These Tulip Squishmallows comes in your choice of three adorable plushes. Choose from Bridgie in Pink, Jeannie in Yellow, or Jackie in Purple, all designed to resemble the beautiful tulip bulb and featuring a fun embroidered expression on their faces. Each one comes with their own special biography which tells a fun tale of what they like and how they will help be your special friend and begin a "flowering" relationship. Or get all three Tulips to grow (or start) your personal Squishmallow collection!

A Squishy Sensation 

All over the country and the world, people are collecting Squishmallows and sharing their collections on Instagram and YouTube. One of the top trending toys on social media, these huggable pals are beloved by both kids and adults. There are even YouTube channels strictly devoted to Squishmallows and sharing of video compilations.

One of the more popular shares on social media are the "hunts" to obtain more Squishmallows, especially any characters that are very hard to find. You can follow the exploits of your favorite influencer or post your own soon-to-be-viral videos. Another way to show off the love for Squishmallows is by literally squishing them on camera and playing with the plushes. Sharing images on Instagram is another great way to get noticed and show off the love for these cuddly creatures.

In the past year, Squishmallows have become increasingly popular with high school and college students, who keep them in dorm rooms for comfort and companionship. They also show the squishy pals during Zoom meetings or online get-togethers, as part of the social media craze and as competition among one another.


  • Extremely soft and cuddly
  • Measures 8 inches tall
  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Great for collecting
  • Perfect any time of day, from bedtime to playtime
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