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Candy Claw Machine | As Seen on Instagram |
Candy Claw Machine | As Seen on Instagram |
Candy Claw Machine | As Seen on Instagram |
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Fun & Excitement From The Arcade To Your Living Room!

Bring back your fondest childhood memories with the Candy Claw Machine! A miniature version of the real thing, this electronic machine gives you the chance to try to grab your favorite candies & surprises! Like every other candy claw machine, this one can be very tricky! Keeping the kids busy for hours, this Candy Claw Machine will have you competing against it for your favorite prize! Victory has never been so rewarding with our rendition of this arcade classic. The Candy Claw Machine comes with carnival sound effects that emanate excitement every time you play! Featuring fake coins and easy access sliding hatch at the top, the Candy Claw Machine is designed for everyone to enjoy and win. Enjoyed by both children and adults alike, the Candy Claw Machine is ideal for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, mancaves, and is unwaveringly one of the most popular gifts for children every holiday season!

Everyone's A Winner!

This Candy Claw Machine comes ready to be played, which means more time for fun! Simply shop for your favorite treats and surprises, fill the machine, insert the fake coins, fiddle with the joysticks till you snag your prize. Each fake coin is labeled with a number that indicates the number of seconds the player has to win their prize before the timer runs out. Have players blindly pick their coins to add a component of "chance" to the game. Once you insert a coin and the music begins, there's no going back. Beat the clock & grab your prize before time runs out! Avoid unwanted tears by removing the top, and gently reaching in or shaking out the prize.

Product Highlights

  • Works with (3) D batteries (not included)

  • Designed with a timer for more exciting and competitive fun

  • Removable top latch ensures everyone's a winner

  • Includes (2) fake coins, (1) candy claw machine, (1) instruction guide

  • Great for candy, toys, and small items. Prices not included. 

  • Minimal setup required

  • Machine measures approx. 25cm x 32cm x 20cm (10" x 13" x 8")

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