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Calm-Eeze Textured Fidget Strips (15pk) | Patterns Ship Assorted
Calm-Eeze Textured Fidget Strips (15pk) | Patterns Ship Assorted
Calm-Eeze Textured Fidget Strips (15pk) | Patterns Ship Assorted
Calm-Eeze Textured Fidget Strips (15pk) | Patterns Ship Assorted
Calm-Eeze Textured Fidget Strips (15pk) | Patterns Ship Assorted
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Rub, Scratch or Pick to Help Ease Your Mind!

Introducing the all-new Calm-Eeze Fidget Strips, the sensory tape you can stick to anything, featured as the latest craze online! This addictive new accessory is the most essential fidget toy of 2022. Touch, scratch, or pick at the textured surface to help increase focus and regulate energy.

Calm-Eeze Fidget Strips come in packs of 15 so you can have one on every single surface you frequent throughout your day. These calming strips are made of quality material and include 30 different gravel textures that have a subtle graininess. It's a novel and convenient method to help reduce irritability, improve concentration and regulate a restless mood.

Each sensory strip measures approx. 10cm x 2.5cm (or 4" x 1") and features adhesive strips on the underside which allows for easy attachment to any flat surface. Sensory tapes are very discreet and therefore suitable for public use, making them especially appropriate for office workers, students, teachers, parents and those experiencing pressure or emotional disorders.

Put them in your pocket or attach them to your phone, wallet, desk, computer or any other object you can think of. When you're feeling stressed or upset, you can touch or pick at the surface to relieve stress without disturbing others. Calm-Eeze Strips help with fidgeting as well providing a mild distraction to keep fingers busy.

The Benefits of Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are a terrific way to deal with a multitude of health issues and emotional disorders. Especially for children suffering from autism, ADHD, chronic fidgeting or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they become an essential tool for managing focus and reducing anxious feelings.

Some of the benefits of using fidget toys on an everyday basis include:

  • Easing stress, anxiety and boredom
  • Increasing focus and boosting attention span
  • Breaking bad habits and improving bad moods
  • Keeping hands busy and the mind at ease
  • Stop rolling fingers, spinning pens, biting or picking fingernails
  • Becoming part of a treatment plan for mental and emotional disorders

Product Features:

  • For the whole family
  • Engaging task for fidgety hands
  • Supports logical & strategic thinking
  • Super fun & convenient for travel, stick them to anything
  • Ideal for early years motor development
  • Compact & no loose or noise-making pieces
  • Sticks to any flat surface
  • Hygienic, water-resistant material wipes clean in a snap
  • Available in multiple different colours and patterns



  • Brightly coloured sensory tape that features layered textured silicone for stroking and fidgeting
  • Great for sticking to phones, laptops, desks, notebooks, steering wheels, or any surface you frequent throughout your day
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 2.5cm (3.9” x 1.0”)
  • Material: BPA-free silicone & plastic
  • Available in several fun patterns like rainbow, outer space, or scales!
  • Patterns and colours ship assorted, collect them all!
  • Includes (15) Calm-Eeze Textured Fidget Strip Stickers
  • Recommended for children over the age of 3
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