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Bell + Howell Flip-Up TacGlasses
Bell + Howell Flip-Up TacGlasses
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Flips Out Of The Way In Low Light!

People who wear traditional eyeglasses can finally stop switching between their sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses when transitioning from shady spots like office buildings to bright and sunny areas. Flip Up Tac Glasses, from Bell + Howell, are uniquely designed to fit directly over your regular eyeglasses, allowing you to maintain clear vision while reducing distracting glares, and UV rays from the sun.

Spend a comfortable time outside by wearing a pair of Flip-Up TacGlasses from Bell+Howell. These sleek glasses help to reduce glare, enhance colors, and improve your optical clarity so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about glare or squinting.


  • Fits over existing eye-wear
  • Flip out of the way and snap right back into place
  • Amazing light-filtering technology
  • Lets you see clearly without any glare
  • Enhances colors for extra sharp vision
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