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Arctic Air Pure Chill Space Cooler | As Seen On TV
Arctic Air Pure Chill Space Cooler | As Seen On TV
Arctic Air Pure Chill Space Cooler | As Seen On TV
Arctic Air Pure Chill Space Cooler | As Seen On TV
Arctic Air Pure Chill Space Cooler | As Seen On TV
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Arctic Air Pure Chill Space Cooler

Cool Your Space Quick And Easy!

Hot weather and humidity got you feeling uncomfortable? Cool things down in a flash with the Arctic Air Pure Chill Space Cooler. This essential personal space cooler acts as a compact alternative to an air conditioner and an air purifier, doing both tasks in one super-cool space-saving accessory. As seen on TV and shared on social media by a variety of influencers, it's a great way to create a pleasant, cool environment for yourself or a loved one.

Easy to use and even easier to enjoy, this handy chiller is filled from the top of the unit, so there's no need to worry about accidentally dropping a reservoir tank. And the filter is a total breeze to clean simply by rinsing it off in the sink, which will keep it free from dirt and debris and allow your unit to continue working properly and efficiently.


Enjoy Cooler and Cleaner Air Almost Anywhere

To start using your new Arctic Air Space Cooler, fill the container with ice-cold water. Thanks to the patented Hydro-Chill Technology™, the cooler takes the hot, dry air in your space and turns it into cool, moist air by passing it through a filter. The air is cooled and sanitized through the cooler's fan before it's emitted, so you'll breathe purified air thanks to the built-in UV light as you enjoy a cool and calming breeze.

Choose from low, medium, and high speeds for this easily adjustable space chiller, designed for use in bedrooms, living rooms, gaming room, offices, garages, and more, as well as outdoor spaces such as decks or patios. It's a great way to enjoy a comfortable sleep without having to run an air conditioner all night long. Especially great for smaller rooms and apartments where there is no room for an air conditioner or an air purifier, the evaporative air cooler can also be used during travel or where allowed in an office setting.


  • Helps cool and humidify the air for maximum comfort
  • Hydro-Chill Technology™ cools down hot, dry air
  • UV light built-in for air purification
  • Easy to clean filter
  • Quick and easy fill top helps prevent spills
  • Can run up to 10 hours per fill
  • LED Night Light control
  • 3 adjustable speeds: Low, Medium & High
  • Multi-directional air vent
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Eco-Friendly materials
  • Comes with instruction manual and power cord
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