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Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces

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Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set | 220 pieces
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#1 Glow-In-The-Dark Loopy Car Track For Kids 5+

Remember those childhood days when you played with toy cars for hours? You didn’t need expensive screens and gadgets. You probably built tracks that looped and curved, constructed ramps and bridges, and pitted your favorite cars against each other in races. Not only did you have hours of fun, you probably learned a lot about the laws of physics without even realizing it. You wish your child could experience that same kind of fun without having to rely on a screen. Consider your wish granted. GlowTrax Mega Stunt Set is one of the best new toys, and hands-on learning experiences for kids.

Ways To Use Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set

Loop-de-Loop - go for a ride on the wild side!

Ramp it up - make it a 'high' stakes race!

Car included - run it and stunt like a pro!

Go all the way - combine the track pieces for endless configurations!


The technology may have upgraded since you were a kid, but the fun quotient hasn’t! GlowTrax Mega Stunt Set is designed to foster learning, set up achievable challenges, but mostly to provide your 5+ child with hours of good clean fun. We created 16 feet of glow-in-the-dark track that bends and flexes, loops and curves, and even has a bridge. With simple, snap-together pieces, your child will develop fine motor skills, learn to solve simple problems, and most importantly––master the art of fun, just like you did at their age.


Don’t just entertain your child with toys, engage his enthusiasm and creativity. This colorful, high-quality car track has 220 colorful pieces that link together easily and can be set up anywhere. Take the GlowTrax Mega Stunt Set with you on a playdate or arrange it in the living room, playspace, or outside. Keep your child creatively occupied while you’re making dinner or returning phone calls, without having to turn on the TV or tablet. Watch him play independently or cooperatively with friends and siblings. They’ll love turning out the lights to see their car track masterpiece glow in the dark.

Key Features of Glow Trax Mega Stunt Set

220 Colorful Pieces

With a variety of bright, attractive colors, GlowTrax Mega Stunt Set gives your child a learning task without them even knowing it! Watch them coordinate colors and snap together 16 feet of track in a cinch.

Dynamic Design

Build a custom speedway with a track that bends and flexes like a snake––your kid will love it! This super cool track includes two loops, a bridge, and tons of topsy turvy twisty pieces so your child can create his own design.


Build the track then turn out the lights and watch your child’s eyes light up with excitement. This neon track glows lights up the imagination.

Simple Set Up

Avoid frustration and foster independence. This track has a super easy set up so your child can build a track from his imagination, all by himself.


Create super cool stunts with 220 pieces of track, 2 loops, 1 bridge, and 1 race car. Create enough floor space to build the track you want and follow the included instructions or construct a new one from your imagination. Build a different track every time!


GlowTrax Mega Stunt Set is created for children aged 5 and older who want to master the art of race car magic. The pieces have a simple, snap-together design that is safe and fun for your child to construct independently. The focus is fun and fascination, not frustration.




GlowTrax offers a world of learning experiences for your child as he explores, experiments, and engages hands-on with each piece of this Mega Stunt Set.


On his own or with a friend, your child will be entertained all day long. Racing cars has never been more fun than with a multi neon colored glow-in-the-dark track that twists, turns, and loops.


The perfect way to let loose and have fun with your child. Excite and engage his sense of fun and imagination––yours too!––with endless possibilities for building design.

Includes 220 pieces of track, 2 loops, 1 bridge, and a racing car.
Requires 2x AAA Batteries to operate (not included).

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